AC Mains + Battery powered iOT-Node

  • Hi everyone, I'm an electronics engineering student from Italy very interested in home automation world and an assiduos user of Domoticz.
    Times ago I've buyed lots of cheap stuff from china and now I've decided to create a custom PCB to fit all of it.
    The main goal of the project is to develop a simple board for every sensor you can place in a house (temperature, humidity, pressure, dust, motion, LCD, relays).
    It is designed to be AC mains powered through a cheap AC->DC converter and also it has a battery manager to use it as battery powered with UPS capability. So when the main AC gone it starts automatically to use the battery power.
    The comunication with a gateway is made of course by RF and you can choose between the RFM69 and allso the NRF24, first is low frequency and usable in long range application the other goes on 2,4GHz frequency.

    I've thinked all the project keeping in mind perfect compatibility with protocol.

    Any other tech specs and a rendering of the PCB is available on my blog:

    Please let me know if someone is interested in this board and if you have any suggestion in welcome!!

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