Serial gateway.rules sharing

  • Is there anyone out there who wants to share their serial gateway.rules file? Since i'm not so great at writing rules in openhab in i think Xtend 🤔 . I would love to see how other people do things. Very likely i can learn alot from it 😅

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    @jimmy-loyens I don't have rules specifically for mysensors or the gateways.

    I've rules like: at dusk (Astro binding) close all covers (mysensors binding) and switch on the light in the garden (mysensors).
    Or: if the door bell button (mysensors) is pushed play a sound (sonos) and send a notification to our mobiles (pushover).

  • @timo Do you use the mySensors binding or the serial binding to get your sensor data into openhab? I use the serial binding, so i have a rule to send the data to the right items. (btw since yesterday something broke and the data is no longer distributed to the items ☹ ). Might have to move over to the mySensors binding to. How is it working for you?

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