The opposite of presenting a child?

  • Plugin Developer

    I'm working on a 433Mhz signal cloner. This device learns new 433Mhz signals, and then allows the user to replay signals.

    For each new copied ON/OFF signal pair I want to present a binary switch to the controller. That works fine.

    But the user also has the ability to delete the last copied signal.

    In this case I would like to tell the controller to remove (or display as disabled) the related switch.

    Looking through the API I didn't see any 'internal signal' to do so. But perhaps there is a way?

  • Plugin Developer

    Are there no clever hacks for this?

  • Mod

    If your controller supports scripting, perhaps you can have a special child using that sends child id to delete?

  • Plugin Developer

    That's an interesting idea, thanks. Perhaps I could also make two children that contain the numeric count of how many devices are operational.

    Would this be something that could be relevant to build into MySensors?