OTA update mechanism with MYSbootloader

  • Hello,

    Can someone pls explane to me how the mechanics of OTA updates works with MYSbootloader.
    What happens when node with MYSbootloader first starts after reset? Does bootloader make contact with gateway? ....

    I constantly see this message go from gateway to node:

    107;255;4;0;2 0100002006b05FFFFF....F

    And from node to gateway:

    107;255;4;1;3 0100002007005B2C70103

    Is this the process of OTA updating?

    According to serial protocol doc Cmd=4 means stream so it has to do with OTA. There is nothing more documented in the serial protocol docs about Cmd=4 or about what happenes when a node with MYSbootloader starts up. Maybe one of the developers can shine a light on this? Or perhaps someone competent enough to read and understand the bootloader code (not me ๐Ÿ˜…).

    Today i had 3 nodes running that where successfully programmed OTA (MYSbootloader). When resetting one node, it didn't manage to restart (stuck in bootloader?). When resetting node nr 2, same thing. I then programmed node 1 with ftdi (is this even possible with MYSbootloader?), At this moment node 2 came online. I've been looking all over the forum but i can find very little about MYSensors OTA mechanics. Like what are the different types in the stream messages? For instance: nodeID/255/4/0/32. I suspect 255 means broadcast in this message and pretty shure type=32 means pre or post sleep, but how does it all fit together?

    Is there a clear discription of the steps a OTA update goes thru in order to get the sketch into the node?

    I found this on the git page of MYSfirmware "https://github.com/mysensors/MySensorsBootloaderRF24/blob/development/README.md".

    I assume this happenes at startup of the node. Still would like some info on message types for stream messages (cmd=4)

    Ok, finally found some info on message types here https://github.com/mysensors/MySensorsBootloaderRF24/blob/development/MyMessage.h

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