How to repeat presentation when using home-assistant with persistance false

  • I'am using home-assistant for a while and build some temperature sensors with mysensors.

    With the default settings, home-assistant is caching the presentation and sensor values in a pickle file. This has the following downsides:

    • when restarting home-assistant, old sensor values are beeing shown as new (just received)
    • when changing a sketch, some added information does not update (or partly).

    So I decided to turn off the persistence. Now I do have the problem, that nodes have to repeat their presentation when restarting home-assistant. I haven't got this working properly. Resetting the nodes fixes this issue, but that is not an solution.

    I see two solutions

    • repeat presentation (if necessary, nodes are battery powered)
    • tweak home-assistant to do a more clever persistence

    The more clever persistance would involve:

    • discard old sensor values (or do not show them as new values...)
    • allow sketch updates without limitations (details would have to be investigated)
    • Allow to remove nodes that are not present any more (pickle file can not be edited easily).

    Has anyone suggestions to solve this issues?


  • A related thread:

    How can we send a I_PRESENT or I_REBOOT command using the HA / MySensors API? If there's a way, then an automation be be hard-coded to request each node to reboot.

  • Hello,

    is someone find a way to send a I_PRESENT or I_REBOOT command using HA? or an other workaround to force node presentation when the persistant file is desactivated? (usefull after a HA reboot for instance)

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