Problem whit COUNTER energy

  • Hello.
    I am looking for help with the MySensors library and Domoticz. I have a PV installation and I wanted to display the data as energy collected and put into the power grid. I can read and parse data from the energy meter via the IrDA connector, I have 4 ready values:

    • incremental value of energy sent to the network, (V_KWH)
    • incremental value of energy taken from the network,(V_KWH)
    • current power currently being given back, (V_WATT)
    • current power currently being charged, (V_WATT)

    I send this to Domoticz using Arduino + NRF24l01 and pick up at Gateway MySensors in RPi where I have Domoticz placed. I have configured as CHILD_ID_ODDANA - S_POWER and I send there V_WATT and V_KWH, and the second CHILD_ID_POBRANA also from V_WATT and V_KWH

    The problem is that domoticz on the block only displays the instantaneous value in Watts, and the daily consumption in
    kWh. However, it does not show me the incremental counter display 😞

    ![Maybe someone can help me with what I have a problem ??](0_1559483100496_Przechwytywanie.JPG image url)

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