Static route when sending from gateway to node?

  • Is it possible to set a static route on a RF24 gateway so that it sends messages directly to a node rather than via a repeater?

    I have a RF24 sensor node with a relay actuator, that due to poor radio reception switches between communication via repeater and directly to gateway. Actuator sometimes fails to switch if command is sent via repeater, but OK if sent directly from gateway. Sensor updates from node are received OK sent either direct to gateway or via repeater.

    Understand that I can force the node to communicate directly with gateway by using MY_PARENT_NODE_ID and MY_PARENT_NODE_IS_STATIC, and would imagine that might force gateway to do the same? The node is difficult to access, so an easy fix would be if I could force the gateway to always send directly to the node and not via the repeater. Is this possible?

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