MySensors on A20 (sun7i) chip (cubieboard2, banana pi)

  • Hello. I want to use mysensors library on bananapi (A20 chip), but RF24 lib based on bcm2835 library.
    Did someone tried to use mysensors on A20 chip?
    I make and run gettingstarted example with librf24-sunxi based on /dev/spidev0.0 .
    Unfortunately librf24-sunxi is incompatible with librf24-bcm.

  • I managed this issue.
    Now my banana pi board work as gateway.

  • Hi Maxim,

    would you mind sharing your solution with us, or at least with me? 😉

    I´m currently trying the same thing, I want my Banana Pi to act as MySensors gateway to hook up to my openHAB (also running on the bpi).

    It seems there need to be some tweaks in the sources and in the makefile, any files you modified would help me! I may be able to figure the rest for my system (Arch Linux) out myself.

    Thanks in advance


  • Please share the solution, I'm using OrangePi (quite 'better' clone of BananaPi from China), it's superb fast but would like to have nRF-serial gateway straight from board.

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