be aware of previous used arduino as serial gateway

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    As Tekka (thanks so much for this hint!!!) refers before the clear EEprom from is not properly working in all situations. As you try your Arduino in an serial gateway and after that try to use it as an other sensor or whatever in MySensors it will fail.
    This because Arduino clear sketch write 0's instead of 0xff. And that's the case why you can after the original sketch still cannot use it normally as 'new'.
    So use for clearing the EEProm always the MySensors clearEEprom!
    You can find it here :
    It has cost me very long long times to just find out why my other sensors would not properly work with MySensors, SerialGateway and Domoticz.
    So good luck with this info. as it helps you as good as it helped me youre a very happy person. Thanks a lot to Tekka. He's the one to get the honers of this solution!

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    This is exactly why the Candle Manager always flashes the MySensors clear sketch before flashing the actual code.

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