arduino web editor serial monitor not working with mysensors debug

  • With debug enabled and using the Arduino Web Editor, the serial monitor outputs nonsense characters. (I have set the baud rate to 115200.) The exact same sketch, sensor, and computer running the Arduino IDE works fine with the serial monitor to see the debug info.

    Back in the Web Editor if I disable debug in the same sketch (and same sensor and computer) then serial print in the sketch works fine with the Web Editor serial monitor. So it seems to be something with the mysensors debug functions causing an issue with the Web Editor serial monitor.

    Anyone else out there use the Arduino Web Editor and experience the same issue with the serial monitor and mysensors debug? Any work-around?

    FYI this is important for me so my nephew and I can build and test with a Chromebook using the Web Editor. Thanks for any assistance!

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    @remedyjake did you set the baud rate by defining MY_BAUD_RATE before including MySensors.h ?

    Strange that the web ide is incompatible with the desktop ide. I thought they were meant to work the same way.

  • @mfalkvidd Thanks for the reply. No, did not set MY_BAUD_RATE... will try that in case it makes a difference. Even without that, the serial monitor works with the desktop ide, but maybe it will help with the web ide somehow. Does it have to be 115200 for mysensors debug, or can it go lower with a manual setting?

    The web ide serial monitor works fine for sketches without mysensors library and those with the library and debug disabled.

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    @remedyjake I am not familiar with the web ide, but it seems it is doing something strange. Debugging is a core feature of MySensors ans has worked without problems for several years, for users of different platforms (Platformio, Arduio IDE, putty, etc).

    Most "common" baud rates will work, but depending on which Arduino/mcu you are using there may be a problem with some speeds.

  • @mfalkvidd Understood... being a ChromeOS enthusiast, I am pretty used to running into web app limitations/quirks as I get into non-mainstream use cases. Didn't mean to suggest mysensors debug was flawed... just hoping someone else here was familiar with the web ide with mysensors and had a work around. Or even just to validate the issue so I can stop beating my head against it. 🙂

    I'm running a Pro Mini 3.3v... will play around with the baud rates this weekend and see if I have any luck.

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    @remedyjake said in arduino web editor serial monitor not working with mysensors debug:

    Pro Mini 3.3v

    Default baud rate is 57600 for this arduino. Did you try that from your ide?

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    @remedyjake has a table on which baud rates work well. 3.3V pro mini uses 8MHz and 115200 will give 8.5% error which is very high. With that said, I have used 115200 for many of my projects without problems.

    I don't see why the web ide and other serial monitors would have different clock rates though.

  • defining MY_BAUD_RATE as 57600 in the sketch did the trick... web editor serial monitor working fine now with debug enabled. thanks for the help @mfalkvidd @Yveaux !

  • Hi there !
    Thanks for this topic which is quite uncommon but useful for beginners.
    I had the same issue with a Pro Mini 3.3, also tried all possible rates in the web editor monitor.
    Tried to the set MY_BAUD_RATE to 57600 with no luck. Tried with 9600, not better !
    Finally tried with 19200 and now it works !

    Sounds a bit weird to me, maybe the board itself is bad quality... Anyway, it's working now, thanks a lot !

  • Sadly it occured again a few minutes later, even after uploading the most basic arduino sketch (blink) in which I added a Serial.println. It appears sometimes it works , and sometimes not !
    I ended up downloading the java IDE, which I can confirm works perfectly.

    There is definitely an issue with the serial monitor when using Arduino create web IDE (and not specific to mysensors debug mode). Hope this helps !

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