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    I use the mysensors protocol to control the lighting on an arduino in combination with domoticz. I would connect an LED strip RGBWW via the color picker from domoticz.
    I have created a "type" S_RGBW_LIGHT in the arduino.

      for (int i = 0; i < MaxDMXChannels; i++) {
        present((FirstDMXChannel + i), S_RGBW_LIGHT, DMXDescription[i], true);

    In domoticz I get a color picker with only RGB or warm white.
    7f450d8e-d5bc-46b2-ae8c-dea060e2d225-image.png 5c0b438d-e0f4-4722-bd1b-aa35386e7a8d-image.png
    I can choose an RGB color or warm white color picker.

    It"s not possible to combine RGB with warm white.
    How can I get a combination between cold and warm white that is possible in domoticz in a different color picker?
    Is this possible within mysensors protocol?


  • I was asking similar question, when I made a lamp that supports changing temperature of the white. Unfortunately Mysensors doesn't has variable type for color temperature. It could be added, but so far nobody beside you and me is interested in this feature. Support for CT variable must be added in the Mysensors integration in the first place. You could to add missing code for it and maybe it would be merged eventually.
    My quick solution was just separate dimmer slider for CT.

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