Powerline Communications

  • Has anyone tried the mysensors protocol over PLC?
    I am looking at using the KQ130/KQ330 150KHz AC power line UART modules to connect over distance without radio or special cables (RS485 etc)

  • @cloolalang
    So I have two KQ-330 on the lab bench.
    So far we find:

    1. carrier 132.5khz FSK modulation.
    2. With two units connected together on 220 VAC mains - im seeing around 45-5- Baud, listening on an AM radio nearby the units it sounds like morse code at around 23WPM without mains, 30WPM with mains.
    3. Carrier is about 5v p-p on the scope, not very clean waveform.
    4. Uart is 9600 8n1
    5. Transmit buffer 253 Bytes

    I will test with mysensors RS485 gateway and sensor mode, with the transport time-outs increased to maybe 10000ms!

  • @cloolalang

    1. KQ-330 F AC powerline "Modems" tested working with Mysensors RS485 serial gateway and node.
    2. Line Baud rate is 100b, (Half duplex), Needs AC (50/60Hz) to work.
    3. Presentation not working due to low speed, but I have entered my own mysensors.json in HA.
    4. Using a Master/slave strategy whereby the gateway is polling the node/children.
    5. Typical poll/response (req/send) is about 8 seconds. so yeah slow like not really more then 7 nodes/children per minute.
    6. Range, you must avoid interference from AC loads, try to use the same AC phase, I have mine working over 60m but I dont know if they are on the same AC phase, Power line modems are plugged directly into wall socket or light fitting (in my garage), no multiplugs, or switch mode PSUs nearby.
    7. Why? Just to see if it works.
    8. Long-term results will be posted.

  • @cloolalang If you can possibly avoid it, then power line is not the way to go. It turns your whole house wiring into a giant antenna and then some. Your neighbours can also be affected by this as there are currently no requirements for electrical (power) distribution systems to have chokes or filters of any kind.

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