ATC and repeating nodes

  • Hi everyone,

    I got a comprehension problem regarding repeating and ATC. I got the following problem (but I have to admit, it's with the SX126x hal which I am testing, maybe it's a programming problem on my side), the situation is:
    I got a node N1, which has a good connection to the GW (target RSSI -70dBm is reached at -4dBm tx powerlevel). Node N2 has no connection to GW directly, but can reach N1 with an RSSI of -120dB at a TX level of 13dBm.
    If i use ATC on N2, N2 reduces TX power with every ACK from the GW as it reports the RSSI of N1 to GW in the ACK package until N1 is not reached anymore. With every NACK, N2 increases tx power again until N1 is reached again, but then deceasing instantly again. Is this a general problem, or did I "play around" to much with the lib and break something?

    Thanks, Edi

  • Admin

    @eiten Would be helpful to see the debug logs (in rfm/sx verbose mode)

  • oh well... N2 was broken, it did not switch between RX and TX. We are discussing the issue over at Heltec community.
    Thank you.

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