Problems with new GW

  • Hi!

    I just migrated my Home Assistant from RPi to VMware vsphere virtual appliance. I didn't get the current Arduino Uno serial gateway to work via passing through the device in VMware (Zigbee stick works great this way).

    So I did a ESP8266 gateway since I had a board available. I got it flashed and I think the ESP talks with radio and HA talks with the gateway but my nodes won't work. I tried to remove the .json file, no help (just removed the entities from HA).

    All I get in serial monitor of the gateway is this (over and over):

    What should I try next? All my nodes have statically assigned node ID's. I'm not 100% sure what the version of mysensors they have but I think it is 2.2.something

  • @Misna The first thing I would od in your situation is to make sure that all gateways and nodes are on the latest version of mysensors and try again.

    2.3.2 is the latest stable version I believe.

  • Thanks, at least one of the nodes started working!

    Will try to update another one today.

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