What really sleep() do please ?

  • Hi there all,
    I just finish a simple node using a barebone Atmega328p.
    I program the bootloader MiniCore at 8Mhz internal clock.
    I use a BME280 for temp/humidity and RFM69HC for radio.
    All work great 🙂

    Now I'm on the software part of sleep.
    I just use Sleep(30000) in order to test it.
    What I receive in the log(parser) is:

    Sleep node, duration 30000 ms, SmartSleep=0, Int1=255, Mode1=255, Int2=255, Mode2=255
    Set transport to sleep
    Node woke-up, reason/IRQ=-1 (-2=not possible, -1=timer, >=0 IRQ)
    Set transport to standby
    Sent Message ...etc...

    So I wonder what sleep() do please ? ...it use a watchdog internal timer in order to wake up ?
    I have try to use a "LowPower.h" lib but the compiler give me an error:

    multiple definition of `__vector_6'

    ...like already have this piece of code in the MySensor lib.

    So if I understand the watchdog internal timer is the best solution to make sleep all strange thinks inside Atmega328p.
    Is I still understand it can't do it more than 8sec.

    Can anyone please help me to understand ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Mod

    @DenisJ MySensors implements sleep() for AVR using the watchdog. As you know, the watchdog can only sleep for at most 8 seconds, so long sleeps are divided into smaller watchdog sleeps by MySensors. Sleeping for eg 30 seconds is divided into 3x8 seconds, 1x 4 seconds and 1x2 seconds. This is all done by the library, in the single call to sleep() without you needing to worry about it 💪

  • @Yveaux said in What really sleep() do please ?:

    Sleeping for eg 30 seconds is divided into 3x8 seconds, 1x 4 seconds and 1x2 seconds.

    Whoau... this is exact what I was think to do 🙂
    But if MySensors is do this in automatic... well it's wonderful 🙂

    Do you know ... is do an automatic sleep also for the RFM69 please ?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Mod

    @DenisJ yes, it does not depend on the radio, but on the arduino platform

  • Ok great 🙂
    Thanks a lot again

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