MySensorsNode (MSN) All-In-One-PCB for easy node building

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    I made a universal device for mysensors to building easy different nodes. The PCB fits in a small case (Strapubox 6090), so simple sensors can build with minimal effort.
    alt text
    The minimal assembly consists of a Mega328P microcontroller (as seen on many Arduinos), a RFM69CW rf module with 868 or 433 MHz and some little stuff for reverse protection and battery monitoring.
    alt text

    With different assembly options, this PCB can be used for:

    • Temperature, humidity and pressure measurements (With BME280 assembled)
    • Temp-Sensor above with additional light level (with extra BH1750 on the proto field)
    • Cheap temperature measurement (With DS18B20 assembled on the small proto field)
    • IR-reader for digital Power meter (with external IR Head connected to the UART)
    • Prototyping on Breadboards with soldered pin header

    The PCB features also

    • ISP pins are connected to the pin header for easy flashing the bootloader
    • Arduino pro mini compatible pin header for connecting a cheap USB-UART-board without wires
    • Optional LED (for example for active transmission)
    • Mounting holes for fitting in the “Strapubox 6090” case
    • A snap off proto board, which fit under or on top of the MSN PCB.

    Hardware and software can be found on my github repository. Github/se-O-matic/msn/

    MSN as temperature sensors (BME280), complete assembly (without batteries):
    alt text

    MSN as power-meter reader with ir-head:
    alt text


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