isMetric incorrect on new 2.3.2 serial gateway with HomeAssistant

  • Ethernet gateway running 2.2 and serial gateway running 2.3.2. isMetric isn't set properly (HomeAssistant set for imperial; nodes connected to new gateway all receive "true" referencing getConfig().isMetric so all temp measurements are reported using celsius values when HomeAssistant expecting fahrenheit.)

    This might have started happening when I moved from YAML config to Integration in HomeAssistant.

    HomeAssistant is latest version.
    Controller (Nano) code is just the basic serial gateway code.

    Is there a way on the gateway to override the isMetric setting received from the controller? I know that I can alter the code on each sensor to ignore, but I'd like to change this just on gateway so as not to have to recompile and upload new code to each sensor node.

  • I have been seeing the same issue. Did you find a resolution or open a bug report?

  • Still happening. No resolution found. Not sure if bug exists in MySensors code or in HomeAssistant's MySensors controller code - so not sure where to submit bug report.

  • Mod

    @Dave-Myers iirc nodes are supposed to perform the conversion themselves. I know at least the gateway does not take care of this.

  • @Yveaux Agreed, but the nodes poll the gateway using the isMetric() function to determine what units to report. The gateway supposedly gets this info from the controller.

    In my case, either my controller (HomeAssistant) isn't properly reporting that it is using imperial units or the gateways (two in use on 2.2 and 2.3.2 codebase) aren't correctly passing that information along to the nodes.

  • @Dave-Myers I'm having the same problem and I just recently setup a home-assistant. Also running mysensors 2.3.2

  • This post is deleted!

  • Opened an issue on HomeAssistant's github as this is sounding more and more like a HomeAssistant issue. If anyone experiencing same issue, perhaps you can bump that issue and add more info.

  • That was a quick turn-around. 👍 🙂

  • Fix mysensors metric/non-metric gateway (@MartinHjelmare - #58476) (mysensors docs)

    Issue should be fixed in HomeAssistant 2021.11.0.

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