PiHome relay set-up

  • Hello!

    I am asking about controlling relays.

    I am trying to set up a smart heating system with 5 rooms. I have an already working heating system with a boiler and container which works fine, I just wish to control the heating of each room separately.
    I have set up thermometers which are connected through wifi/Nrf24 getaway to the main Raspberri Pi3 (currently working with AirMax). I can see the temperatures in real time, however I do not know how to proceed further.
    I am using Arduino mini pro.

    1. My first question is which one should I use: AirMax or PiHome for this purpose?
    2. I need the rooms to be heated separately, or even multiple of them at the same time if it is needed. What script should I use to control the relays?

    I'm quite new to this, sorry if this is the wrong place, or if it has been answered before!

  • Hi @Prohi, can you provide more information about your heating system?

    When searching about AirMax on the internet, I found this: https://www.airmaxhvac.com/ and this https://airmaxsc.com/ and this https://airmaxop.com/ and ...
    Is your heating system an hvac based system?
    With remote controls for each room?

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