Sensor reboot with Ebyte NRF

  • Hi everyone,
    I would like more range for my garage sensor. I have 20meters but 2 wall beetween gateway/sensor.
    So, I buy nrf 27dbm from ebyte to change low cost NRF and I power sensor by 2xAA + 4.7uF.

    But something strange, If I boot just with AA, the sensor reboot. I have 3.2V out battery.
    If I plug with FTDI no problem on start.. .
    I use Pro mini 3V 8Mhz without volage regulator.
    Any idee ?
    Thanks you 🙂

  • I try with a lab power, It's work now.. What can I do for power with battery ?

  • @tutur19 Either use a battery with a higher mAH rating or put 2 or 3 batteries in parallel to give more power.

  • You could try with a larger capacitor, close to the radio module

  • Thanks to all. It's very strange. I try to test NFR with Uno and PCB regulator (3V3 + capacitor) , It's work with old NRF but when I switch old NRF to Ebyte, it's not working... But I test Ebyte antenna to my gateway and it's working, so it's not broken

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