433 mhz from Arduino to Raspberry

  • Hi!

    I think this might be my first post on this forum after only reading for quite a while, thanks for all the great knowledge sofar!

    I´m buildning something that might in the end become a heating system for my house that also might be expanded to control sun thermal panels and perhaps the heating of a planned pool. But all this is in the future and far from set.

    As i´m new to arduino and also kind of new to python (i have mostly been working with computer vision in python) i´m trying my way right now.

    The problem i have is the connection through 433 mhz between arduino and raspberry. The sensors i have right now are cheap RF-Link sender and reciever, no brand, the sender has FS1000A and FST printed on but nothing about who could have made this peice of j*nk.

    Köp RF-link 433MHz sändare och mottagare till rätt pris @ Electrokit.png

    I have hooked it up, sender from Arduino using the RCSwitch library and recieving on the raspberry using the rpi_rf package.

    On the Arduino i have a dt22 sending humidity and temp and i get it to my raspberry, most of the times.

    Usually it works, but perhaps every third transmission is way of. In the arduino code i have set protocol (1) and also the pulse lenght (253) with pulse after protocol to prevent pulse from resetting the protocol setting (at least thats what i heard).

    Does anyone know a 433 library/package that is delevoped for cross-platform sending if data through 433 mhz?

    I have found a few but most of them have depraved Pi-packages and i dont know really what could be the problem.

    I also suffer from horrible transmission streinght, i have a pretty solid transmission <5 cm but longer then that and its pretty much gone. I have soldered on two small spring antennas and im running at from the manufacturer recomended voltage.

    So; does anyone have any ideas of what could be done to imporive this?

    As mentioned before, i´m new on this and i could have missed something obvious. The main reasong for this project right now is to collect a lot of data to a database as this is where i might be able to make something work for real.

    As you probably already have noticed, english is not my native tounge and if there is anythong that is should further explain or re-phrase - please just let me know.



  • hello
    FS1000A est pas sérieux pour la gestion de chauffage.


  • I would recommend to switch to a nrf24l01 or rfm69/95, where you will have bidirectional communication and you can use the mysensors framework

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