Inclusion issue

  • Hello,

    I want to include a motion sensor, but after inclusion, the sensor is not well recognized. It shows me the generic node :


    The communication seams to be OK, because in the Vera log I get that when I push the init button on my sensor :

    50      05/08/15 17:20:43.016   luup_log:59: Arduino: Presentation: 1;255;0;0;17;1.4.1 <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:20:43.016   luup_log:59: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduinonode1,ArduinoLibVersion, 1.4.1, 61 <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:20:43.018   luup_log:59: Arduino: urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1,LastUpdate, 1431098443, 61 <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:20:43.039   luup_log:59: Arduino: urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1,LastUpdateHR, 17:20, 61 <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:20:43.040   luup_log:59: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduinonode1,RelayNode, 0, 61 <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:20:43.040   luup_log:59: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduinonode1,RelayNodeHR, GW, 61 <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:20:43.041   luup_log:59: Arduino: Sending: 1;255;3;0;6;M <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:20:45.042   luup_log:59: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduinonode1,SketchName, Motion Sensor, 61 <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:20:45.044   luup_log:59: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduinonode1,SketchVersion, 1.1, 61 <0x2da45680>

    My sensor send data to my Vera and the Vera catch them :

    50      05/08/15 17:21:14.536   luup_log:59: Arduino: Set variable: 1;2;1;0;16;0 <0x2da45680>
    50      05/08/15 17:21:21.143   luup_log:59: Arduino: Set variable: 1;2;1;0;16;1 <0x2da45680>

    I read somewhere that in the gateway I should add I_Arduino1.xml into impl_file property but It has been always here.


  • Admin

    The generic node should be added after inclusion.
    Somehow the presentation message for the dimmer does not seem to reach the gateway.

    During inclusion mode is running, try resetting the node a few times (wait a couple of seconds between each restart).

  • Thanks for your answer.

    I double check my wires, and found that my capacitor 4.7uF wasn't in the right place. I modified it, delete my sensor on Vera and Include it again and It works.


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