Newb trying to build a 3 unit dimmer with control

  • I want to build a sensor with 3 dimmers controlled via 2 switches each for a total of 6 switches (one up and another down) is this possible also? I also want to have temp and humidity on there via DHT11, almost forgot Motion sensor with HRC-501 too. I setup a sketch with Motion and Dimmer without switches for 1 dimmer and it worked! I truely need some direction on how to do this. How I got to this point was to hodgepodge together two example scripts and it worked. I'm sure there is a example on the forum somewhere but I can not find so any help would be great. I'm still trying to understand the child thing on the sensors, when I add a relay and dimmer I lose the dimming function I think because the relay uses the light name?
    I love these sensors they integrate better than I expected. I have been looking at these for about 1-2years or even longer! Thinking I was gonna add them but thought that the way I was doing it before was easy enough and robust enough. I was using XBees and I like the distance possible with these radios, what sparked my interest was I was seriously trying to get ESP8266 to do what I wanted and I ended up back here so the fun begins!