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  • Hi, I have had some troubles figuring out how to connect my current wemo led-bulbs with some other controller. I am planning to build a couple of light/temp/motion sensors and using a pi running Domoticz or similar as a controller. Right now I have figured out how to control my led bulbs using tasker/wemoManager by sending intents.

    But I also would like to rewire my lightswitches so that they are always powered and have a small microswitch or similar installed in them so when they are toggled an intent gets sent to the led bulb. How would I for example power a Arduino Pro Mini, NRF24L01+, microswitch from the mains (230V) if I would try to put them behind the lightswitch?

    And are intents something that can be sent from domoticz or any other controller?

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    @Cliff-Karlsson see this thread regarding inwall 220->5v. Its not trivial and it is dangerous. If you are not sure what you are doing you better get zwave or x10 inwall switches.
    BTW, will the switches do anything other than sending the intents? you can maybe make the switches "fake" on battery power. just sending signals a few times a day a battery should last over a year.

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