Beginner question about Ethernet gateway

  • So this is my first ever Arduino project, so please bear with me...

    I'm trying to wire up an Ethernet gateway. I'm using a W5100 ethernet module and an Arduino Nano.

    According to the mysensors build page on the Ethernet gateway (, the Ethernet module uses 3V power. The pin label on the board says V+5, which I would assume means 5V. Which should I give it?

    Assuming 3V, the radio is already taking the 3V pin from the Arduino. What is the "right" way for them to both share the 3V pin?

    The labels on the pins do not quite match what is on the mysensors build page. Is this mapping correct?
    GND (module) = GND (page)
    V+5 (module) = VCC (page)
    RST (module) = not connected?
    MO (module) = MISO/SO (page)
    SOK (module) = SCK (page)
    another GND (module) = not connected?
    MI (module) = MOSI/SI (page)
    POE- and POE+ (module) = not connected?


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    You typically would have the Nano on a bread board so you can use multiple wires to the 3.3v pin on the Nano.

    You may have issues with this however, as iirc the current provided by the 3.3 pin is probably not sufficient for driving BOTH the radio and the W5100.
    But give it a try....if its unreliable then you can try adding a capacitor, or use a separate 3.3v regulator.

  • Thanks for the reply. So, since the pin is labeled "V+5", you don't think it is looking for 5V?

    Would these breadboards do the trick?