Gateway stops working

  • Hi,

    I have had my ethernet gateway (Arduino Uno, LAN sheild and NRF24L01+PA+LNA) up an running for some time and connected to Vera3.

    Then at some point I did a mistake and upgraded Vera to UI7 and after some few days I downgraded. Somewhere at this point I started to get problems with my gateway "stopping" but I cannot see the relation to upgrade/downgrade as such.

    Now I have the gateway on my desk and I can see problems.
    Either it doesn't care of handling of anything (nothing happens in output ...serial monitor) ....or it starts to process just fine and then it just stop (after a couple of minutes or longer). Nothing strange appears in the just stops.

    I have also tried to upgrade to v1.5 on gateway (not sensors) but the same problem.

    What is your guess?

    / Joacim

  • Admin

    Hard to say. So you're powering it from the same Vera? Usually I'd suggest powering issue. But in your case it worked previously powering it of the USB-port?

  • I have had it powered from but lately also tried Samsung USB difference.

    One noted difference this evening though....I had it completely offline (no power at all....OK maybe some from LAN) for approx 1h....and now it seems to run or at least so far.

  • Latest test, it was working from 07:55 25/8 to 17:06 27/8 (partly with MYSController connected but when it stopped)

    Now restarted it and 23:01 27/8 with MYSController connected.

    I love but stability is very important (no 1)

  • Nope...stopped again at 00:09 28/8

    • Faulty hardware?
    • Bug in the code?
    • Some other radio signal that breaks the gateway?
    • ...???

  • Admin

    I still think you are getting a voltage drop somewhere in your setup when both radio is transmitting at the same time as ethernet module is doing something nasty.

    The ethernet module and radio both seems to be sensitive to these things. And as you are using the amplified version it might get even verse.

    Try replacing for a vanilla radio. Or run the Serial gateway without ethernet module if possible in your setup/house.

  • @jocke4u Did you manage to get it resolved? I have a similar problem with this setup (ethernet gw + NRF24L01+PA+LNA) when the gateway just stops working. I am now trying a more powerful PSU as I tend to agree with @hek that power supply is important here. Tomorrow if the gateway is stuck again, I'll change NRF24L01 for a plain one.

  • I hope it's resolved 🙂
    I had some extra hardware so bought a genuine Arduino Uno R3 which I assembled temporarily. It seems to work just fine.
    Different main board and different network card (still w5100).


    The old gateway:

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