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    RF24 can listen some Pipe
    Сan make 2 pipe. 1 - public, 2 - self

    When gateway in inclusive mode listen PUBLIC pipe. Node req ID. GateWay send ID and SELF pipe. Node save and listen SELF PIPE. Other communication work in SLEF pipe

    Pipe ID request form software (not in gateway)

    This algorithm has the following advantages

    1. No need to flash ready device. Purchased from third parties
    2. The work of many networks in one place
    3. Easy change of the network
    4. Ready sensor from third parties does not require reprogramming by your network

    There is an idea to promote this product to study in schools. To do this, you need to have multiple networks in the same classroom

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    Yes, NRF24l01 can listen to 2 pipes, but only the last byte seems to be significant.

    If you first listen to 0xA8A8E1FC00LL on pipe 2
    and the 0xB8A8E1FC01LL on pipe 3

    The radio will only listen to 0xB8A8E1FC00LL and 0xB8A8E1FC01LL

    So the first 9 bytes (B8A8E1FC0) of the pipe address must be the same... It cannot handle multiple of those...

    This limits us to address range of 255 valid simultaneous "pipe addresses".

    In the mysensors NRF-driver we use 255 as a broadcast address (that all nodes listen to).

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    253 nets - enough

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    Inclusive mode need only when configured network. It lasts one minute. No nide listen self pipe.
    After end inclusive mode, gateway listen self pipe

    his makes it possible to have a whole range of addresses

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