ERROR compiling codebender binary Switch

  • Hello,

    I have tried to compile the sketch for the binary switch sensor but I received the following error

    /mnt/tmp/codebender_object_files/atmega328p_16000000L_arduino_eightanaloginputs_null_null______40866_cb_personal_lib_MySensors_______utility_______LowPower.o: In function __vector_6': LowPower.cpp:(.text.__vector_6+0x0): multiple definition of __vector_6'
    /mnt/tmp/codebender_object_files/atmega328p_16000000L_arduino_eightanaloginputs_null_null______40866_cb_personal_lib_MySensors_______MyHwATMega328.o:MyHwATMega328.cpp:(.text.__vector_6+0x0): first defined here

    I have tried in different PC and cloning the sketch and libraries, and correcting the code for the pull up resistor but it was not success with it. I tried WIN8 and Win10 and chrome and IE but no success. any Idea how to solve that?

  • Admin

    Talking about codebender?

    It works... Try removing MySensors in your personal libraries before cloning.

  • Thanks for answer,
    yes I was talking about the Codebender. to try to keep moving, I have downloaded the API libraries and installed the Arduino IDE, I have downloaded the sketches and Arduino IDE is able to upload them without any problem. Then I go back to Codebender and deleted all the libraries in my main page (my account in codebender) then I clone the sketch with libraries but I got a compiling error, now is it different message.
    Then I Clone again the sketch, I go to my account in CB and deleted de MySensors library, and return to the sketch in codebender and now it compile the sketch correctly. I was thinking it will not compile because I was deleting the MySensors library after clone and before compiling. Another trick for my Codebender Notebook.
    Regards and thanks.

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