Multiple Sensors with childs

  • Hello,

    Is there any chance to can use multiple sensors ID with multiple sub childs on one board ?

    I'm using MySensors on a Arduino mega with Jeedom controller.

    My mega is managing roller shutter with updown buttons.

    That means : each shutter has a lot of child-sensors (up, down, stop, moveTo, value, desactivate buttons, button long press, ...).

    The arduino mega manage 10 shutters, and configuring this in jeedom is very hard with a lot of childs. And also for displaying.

    I want to know if it is possible to have multiple MySensor ID on one board in order that the gateway/controller see 10 MySensor object.

    I hope my explanation is clear (English is not my firt language).



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    @vincnet68 I don't believe it's currently possible without some major code hacks. As one example, the child id is stored in the eeprom in one spot, and will only listen to packets that have that child id in them.


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    Do you need to control them individually from your controller? Might better to group them up and control them in som logical way to reduce the number of devices. Point of the compass?

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    @vincnet68 Just to be clear.. Why does every shutter have multiple children? I would think that each shutter can be one "child" and controlled with V_UP, V_DOWN, V_LEVEL or so.

  • Hi,

    In fact each shutter is one child ID with V_UP, ....

    But that means : in the controller for 1 mySensor I have 10 times the V_UP command, 10 times V_DOWN, and so on...

    But as you say it is no chance to seperate it yet. So I will manage this in this way.

    Thanks for your help


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    @vincnet68 I don't know the controller your are using. This is how my shutters appear (Domoticz);


    On the shutter "sensor" I have all kinds of buttons and controls, but at the end the shutter can only be open, closed or in between. That is all the controller needs to know..