Compact cases for sensors, (?)images of places where mysensors were integrated into existing stuff

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    hello all, I would like to consult the combined wisdom on this forum about pratical and compact cases to store sensors and sensor PCB's.

    I'm basically looking for following types:

    A case for a compact, battery operated sensor, which will be placed in rooms on top of furniture or inside cabinets (should not be too ugly to look at).
    A case for the same type of sensor, to be wall/cealing mounted.
    A case for a sensor with external antenna, to be wall/cealing mounted.

    Any feedback and examples, opinions etc are welcome. It would be nice to get some feedback useful for me (living in Belgium, land of beer and chocolate), so suppliers only covering the continental US are not that interesting for me. But that should not stop someone from mentioning them.

    I have been thinking about making a series of sensors for our Coderdojo, and one of the requirements will be that we can order boards in the iTead formats (50mmx50mm or 100mmx50mm). My current designs allow 2 sensor boards from a 50x50mm "panel".

    If there have been threads discussing the merits of cases, please point me to them.

    Lets mindshare on this topic. If it turns out interesting, I can do a write-up on it.

    ps. if people integrated mysensor based equipment into "normal" or "vintage" equipment, I would also like to see pictures if possible. This could be very inspiring 🙂

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    I can only second that! I am looking for some cool enclosures too. I mainly use 5x5cm or 5x2,5cm boards (+ batteries sometimes) at the moment.

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    @GertSanders @LastSamurai Have you seen this thread: Might be better to add to it rather than starting a new one.


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