Multiple nodes or multiple sensors

  • I'm trying to merge dallas sensors and relays sketches but all the time "something"...
    Just grab a drink and start to think about "why"?
    What is better: multiple nodes with single "type" of sensor or one node with multiple sensors?

  • @Tomasz-Pazio All of my sensor nodes have between 3-4 child sensors and they combine nicely. My actuator nodes (433mhz gateway and LED strips) misbehave for me when sensors are added so I keep them singularly purposed.

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    I like the logical grouping of sensors in nodes. It also saves me a lot of 'hardware'. And there is the challenge of combining code, (conflicting) libraries and amount of memory. Which I actualy like. You need to use some best practices (like non blocking code) and be aware of timing issues though.

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