What kind of relay for in-wall application?

  • Hi I am planning to use a relay behind a wall-socket to control lighting. But what kind of relay is the best to use for this as saftey is a big concern ?

    Omron SSR
    SSR 40DA

    I would think that SSR relays would be safer, correct? I guess I could use the Omron relay for controling windows lights as it is rated at 2A but If I forget and plug in a toaster that would probably not be so great?

    That leaves me with the SSR 40DA witch is rather big but might fit. But Do I really need a heatsink for that relay if the largest load (toaster) would be 230V/4-5A witch is around 1000W?

  • For insurance purposes, you don't want to install anything where "if I forget, burn" could be a factor. Perhaps a fuse to prevent such issues?

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    @Cliff-Karlsson A standard (EU, 230V) socket should be able to handle loads of around 2000-2500W. So the max current would be around 10A.

    SSR have (ballpark) voltage drop of around 1 to 1.5V. So with max load there is around 15W to handle for the SSR. About the heat of a traditional small light bulb. For your toaster 5-10 W. if ventilated this should be do-able (you better add some heat protection next to the fuse). Traditional Relays have much less dissipation but lack the Solid State advantages.

  • Ok, the heat issue was new to me regarding the ssr's. I already have one SSR-40DA and its quite big as it is without a heatsink. I think I wil go with the standar relays instead. But What kind of fuses should I get to make it as sefe as possible. A Thermal fuse

    Do I need some more fuse? if so a ebay/aliexpress link would be great.

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