Time without data reading

  • Its normal to have like 5 hours without any changes in the reading of my temp and humidity sensors?!

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    Well I guess noone can answer this question. Give us some more information 😉 What sensor? Under which conditions?
    Some sensors like the DHT11 aren't that precise so it could be possible.

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    If you have it in a controlled enviroment and the temp or humidity doesnt change many sketches are coded to not send temp if its the same as before.

  • Ok, yes its a DHT11 so maybe thats why. And the environment its a closed its my Babys room so maybe that why.


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    @raulandresmoch Intresting reading on accuracy & lifetime! of temp sensors.


    The SHT71 does seem to be generally superior to the DHT22. It is better made, at least as accurate, more precise and responds more quickly to change. It does of course also cost ten times as much.
    Reliability may justify the higher cost, but I have to be cautious because I have not had the Sensirion device as long as the others.
    Two of my six DH22 / AM2303 devices have failed. Life expectancy is around one to two years.
    After 18 months of continuous operation only one of my six DH22 / AM2303 devices (device E) is able to match the performance of my one SHT71. Of course it is possible that I got the one good SHT71, but I do not consider that likely.
    The DHT22 cer

    • list itemtainly is better than DHT11 and easily justifies its``` extra cost.
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