Node is sending - but no reads....

  • Hi,

    I'm playing around with one node. Dallas temp, some switches, some actuators (all in one node). The controller is FHEM.
    The sensors and triggers are sending their data perfectly, but after uploading several slightly altered sketches to the node, the node stops receiving "reads". In the FHEM monitor I can see, that the command for the actuator is sent, but no read shows up in the arduino serial monitor. Often I can get the Node working again, by re-pairing it again with the controller (first clearing its eeprom). But sometimes I have to do it several times.... I would really like to know were to search for the problem.

    Any ideas?


  • difficult to say ... broken nrf24 boards?i had one that never sleep.
    Arduino stops working or crash? did you check lights on arduino ,it flashes when send something.
    Sometimes the best way is buid another exactly the same and try.

  • Admin

    If you put relays in the mix, make sure you feed it separately.

  • Ok, in addition, I found out, that everything works fine if I let nodes talk to the gateway directly. If the nodes are behind repeaters (I tried 3 different ones) they can send alright but they don't receive reads.