Mini Pro with high Baudrate

  • Hi,

    I have 2 mini pro that have serial baud on 230400. These can not find my DHT22 sensor ether. I belive that these symtoms are leleated.
    When replace the mini pro with with one that replys on the correct baudrate 115200 it finding the sensor.

    Anyone that have experienced anything like this and what can I do to solve this ??

  • What are you using the high baudrate with? Due to clock frequencies etc, the pro mini can't even generate (actually, read) 115200 baud correctly..

    Without further info, it looks like a case of "Doctor, it hurts when I do this" "Well, don't do that then.." 😉

  • Well that's the problem. 😃
    I don't have asked for this, and I'm using the same sketch(humidity from mysensor) on two other mini pro. these are working on 115200 and with the same type of sensor.

    I made 2 more of my humidity /temp sensor for my living room and kitchen, and they are duplicate of the one I have in my two bathrooms.
    But when i connec to the serial interface I need to select 230400 baud to have readable characters. These two last don't read the sensor ether .
    If I borrow one of the previus mini pro in the new assabled HW it works like a charm. So I belive it is some HW error or fuse settings on the arduino.

    All 4 was programmed with the same sketch, same IDE and same Mysensor lib, with 2 weeks difference. I have as far as I can see don't nothing to the computer or software.
    Is there any fuses that is wrong ?
    Can it be the oscillator that is wrong/higher frequency ?
    Is there something I can try to make this work correct ?

  • Admin


    Are you by any chance compiling for an 8Mhz variant, and uploading into an 16Mhz variant? That could explain that you need to use double the baudrate.

    That also means that timing etc. is way off..

    So please verify crystal on board, and you arduino board selection..

  • @tbowmo
    I checked yesterday, and you was right. this was a 16MHz.

    Thanx 🙂

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