433mhz controller!

  • Hello i am new to mysensors and has limited experience white arduino and programming.
    I have built moisture and temperature sensor and it works perfectly no problems at all.
    Now to my problem I want to be able to switch on and off 433mhz power sockets and automate them in scenes on my Vera lite.
    I have tried all the different sketches I can find for that function but when I are to include my Vera doesn't find the node.
    So I need some help writing or modify a sketch to work white my Vera.
    I run latest firmware on Vera and 1.5 library on mysensors.
    Thankful if someone can help me white these!

  • I used my433node created by @olaeke. It works great for me. You just need an arduino, radio and a 433mhz transmitter. Remember that the 433mhz transmitter need 5V directly from power source (not 5V from arduino) or the range can be very inconsistent.