433Mhz Garage opener projects

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    This is my first post to the forum, I have been trying to find a way to controll my garage port using an arduino and a 433Mhz receiver and transistor. I have succesfully built a RF sniffer and I have got the code I need. It's a code that consists out of 52 bits (1 or 0) which is repeated as long as I press the button on my remote. I found out the code using this method.

    Now he says you should only get the first 24 bits of the code and you will be able to controll it. I can't however use his code because he uses VERA and I want to use it as a pure arduino program.
    My purpose is sending the code frome my arduino with a 433 Mhz transmitter when I press a button, what is the best way I could realize this? I tried some ways already but since I don't know how to progral that well and since I don't know how these radio's work it didn't work.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Reds Duty

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    Hi, as a start you could modify the following sketch: remove the flamingo.h include and all flamingo related stuff.


    Have a look at the function incommingMessage line 196. Here the message from the gateway is received. Replace 230 with your own code.