domoticz rules == node red?

  • Hello

    simple question:
    i'm trying to decide wether to go with openhab or domoticz.

    When trying to compare them, i stumbled over the rules:
    in opebhab they are configures within openhab. in domoticz I didn't find something like rules. Does this mean, i have to use node red as rule engine?

  • Hardware Contributor

    Im sorry if its a newb anser... with rules you mean scripts and so on like "turn light on when motion detected..." ??
    If so, Domoticz have both lua blockley and others:

    I use LUA scrips in Domoticz which i find easy to use and works great.

  • yep thats what i meant. more or less complex if sensor X then trigger actuator Y and actuator Z.

    I will read your links. Thanks!

  • is there a way to use NodeRed for rules and exporting them to domoticz's Lua?

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