Blockley in Domoticz-not working correctly. Anyone know how to fix.... ?

  • In Domoticz under "Events" I was building a timer for the lights to come on at dusk/sunset and off at sunrise, but the darn thing won't pay attention to the time on pi. Not sure why. I've set the correct time on the pi and made sure it's set to the correct region. Is there any trick to getting this to work? Does anyone have examples of something they've got to work?
    I just setup a test to have a light come on in two minutes. Nothing happened, so something is not right. This is what I had setup:
    If time = 15:20
    Do - set Black box = ON

    Black box of course being the light. I can turn it on and off manually using the dashboard just fine. Just not timer. Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Bren
    Hi, I don't use blocky myself, however 2 questions for you.

    1. for something so simple, why not use the timer feature to turn on at xx mins before sunset, and turn off at another time.
    2. what triggers your blocky? If it's never being called, then your comparison is never made or actioned.

    Regards Nigel

  • @Bren Did you set you script to "on"?

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