Use SerialGateway publish complex embedded device as multisensor node

  • Hi everyone,
    preflop... it's my first post here so welcome everybody. As many others I'm not a native speaker, sorry on my wordings. 😉 But let's come to my question to the community now.

    I'm developing a complex embedded device with a native ARM-Embedded-linuxfb c++-application and would like to publish its Sensors, Actuators and custom logical functions to MySensor Controllers and interact with MySensor nodes.
    To keep the custom codebase as maintainable and as performant as possible, i would like to use an "unmodified" serialgateway sketch... is this possible? Couldn't find a hint in the SerialGateway documentation to use it as a "Client/Sensor-Side" communication interface "only". Isn't that part of the SerialGateway featureset?

    I don't like to implement any Arduino code by the project members itself, related to upcoming possible depugging issues and great embedded project experience.

    At his point of time the development stage is already after prototyping/POC phase and adding another firmware would be hard to maintain in future product lifecycles. Even if the Arduino code is quite straight forward, well designed and performant, in my case a "ATMega only" soulution is not an option and a serial remote interface would be the technology to use.

    Did anyone implement something like this, where the serial Gateway is used as a MultisensorNode instead of a Controller-Node?

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    I think these threads can be useful:

    They give information on how to get started with local sensors on the gateway. If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

  • In first... thanks for the instant reply! 😉 🙂

    I checked this already, and i would personally be able to publish sensors directly attached to the SerialGateway-Hardware(Arduino-GPIOs) the code is quite straight forward, but especially this is not what i want to establish.
    My embedded device is a complex "central controller" which will implement the controller context of many industrial application protocol specifications in future, an should act something as a Layer5-6 Proxy wich shall briddge sensors and actuators logically to "all" possible mysensors controllers.
    The customer needs can only be fit with complex actuators and sensors, using multiple communication Stacks and protocols f.e. RS485, RS232, 868Mhz(CosIP, BidCos, ZWave etc.) or 4-20mA-Analog protocols.

    I'm trying to evaluate if the mysensors protocol could be a real option against using prooven 868Mhz RF Protocols here.
    I only want to hide complex logical sensors and actuators of the application by the serial gateway. I want to achive a situation where a mysensors Controller context like pimatic or others can easily integrate my complex "cost intesive" calculations. And also i want to be able to do a Firmwareupdate of the serialgateways Arduino flash without doing "any" hacks in the image to provide serial gateway updates in future. This would be much hard to maintain in an embedded product lifecycle if any "external" code has to be hacked first before upgrading components.