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  • My Home Automation project use My Sensors 1.5 and Home-Assistant, communicating via MQTT.
    I plan to install in each room several sensors (Gas/Smoke, PIR, Water leak, Temperature, Humidity) and Relays (2 to 4, local control also using IR remote).
    While the project is still beta, I would like to share with you what I have achieved until now, mainly the code for gateway and nodes. The code is here: https://github.com/Mihai258/HomeAssistant-MySensors-MQTT , it contains the standard gateway from MySensor site and modified nodes to use one or several sensors, a lot of combinations are presented. A configuration file for Home-Assistant is also presented, it helps to understand how to manage the messages from MySensors.
    The gateway contains Arduino UNO + Ethernet shield + NRF24, the nodes contains Arduino Nano + NRF24 + sensors.
    I have tested my nodes and they works fine on the table. I will come back with more information and details, but it will take some time to get all components and to build the whole system. I also plan to move to MySensors 1.6 (my tests are on-going here).

  • please check that out:


    tell me if you want to jump in and we make together a solutuion for comunity!

  • I have updated my project to use MySensors 2.0.0 beta from development branch with the following main changes:

    • MQTT broker is external, you may use mosquitto for example;
    • the Gateway allow sensors; examples included with several sensors on the gateway
    • Arduino Mega may be used for the Gateway and/or nodes; in the Gateway sketch I have mention the connections for NRF24
    • multi-sensor nodes examples.
      I have tested all of them and they are worked.
      The project is presented here: https://github.com/Mihai258/MySensors2-HomeAssistant-MQTT

    @maxtox: my expertise level in IoT is not so high for your project, I am still learning in this area.

  • @Mihai - thanks for these; nice clear examples of multiple sensors and handling incoming messages

  • My project is in running phase, I posted detailed description of functions, code and pictures on Openhardware site here: https://www.openhardware.io/view/55.

  • Hi,
    I followed your GitHub to set MQTT broker (MySensors 2) but I couldn't succeed. MySensors MQTT Gateway Terminal is saying:
    Attempting MQTT connection...

    I also couldn't undestand the role of mosquitto here because it is not mentioned at the Home Assistant website too!
    Thank you

  • @foad62
    Sorry for late reply... If you use MQTT Gateway you need an MQTT broker. I was using mosquitto as a broker. At HA site they mention it at MQTT component page: https://home-assistant.io/components/mqtt/ but now they also have one internal broker available, so they are many available possibilities.

  • @mihai
    Thanks Mihai, I have been struggling with getting my first basic Home Assistant + MySensors via MQTT working. Your examples got it all going for me. Thanks again for taking the effort to post.

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