Is HS3 Serial Gateway compatible with Hometroller Zee S2?

  • I'm thinking about starting a MySensors project using the Hometroller Zee S2 and the plug-in for HS3. Can anyone confirm that this plug-in works with the Zee S2? The Zee S2 uses "HS3 PI S2" software as opposed to just HS3. My understanding is that this is trimmed down software to work with a Raspberry Pi 2. A Zee S2 can be had for only $180 compared to over $500 to get a Hometroller-SEL with a Z-NET.

    I would like to get a Homeseer controller instead of a Vera because it appears that they have much better technical support, and I expect I wil be needing some support since I'm new to home automation.

  • Like you, I'd like to play with my Hometroller Zee S2. (2nd hand; Not yet received from Ebay)
    Did you succed in your project ?
    Programming Ardunios is a piece of cake and compared to z-wave items, the price is ridiculus.

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