[Solved] Messed up payload from binary switch sensor?

  • Vera 3 (UI5)
    WIFI Controller, using standard ESP8266 Gateway sketch, library v1.5, usb powered
    Arduino nano sensor, usb powered, library v1.5.2
    Arduino IDE 1.6.7

    I'm having problems getting binary switch sensors working. Using the latest example sketch, stripped down the loop to:

    void loop() 

    When serial monitoring the sensor side everything looks ok to me:


    But at the controller side, I’m getting strange payloads:


    I have tried two different arduinos/radio for the sensor node, same result.

    I had binary switch sensors working a couple of months ago. Since then, the only change in setup I can think of is switching from serial gateway to WIFI.

    My other sensors (temp, humidity) are all working fine.

    Any ideas?

  • Hardware Contributor

    Hi. First thing you can look at is replaying delay () because those block the radio. Use gw.wait instead.

    Also if might be something with that update @Anticimex did from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3 ?

  • Thanks for the input, the wait-thing seems reasonable, I'll try that first!

  • Hey @netram,

    I have a very similar problem. Can you please read here http://forum.mysensors.org/topic/2737/2-channel-relais-with-2-buttons-sending-strange-values-for-on-off and give feedback? Do you get these readings all the time (also after restart of gw and node) or only when a third node is sending (like in my case)?
    I'm still trying to figure out what the problem is, so your details are very welcome.

  • Now using gw.wait() instead of delay(), but no luck. 😑

    66	2016-01-21 21:17:20	RX	3	3 - DOOR	SET	NO	TRIPPED	-1056964607
    67	2016-01-21 21:17:30	RX	3	3 - DOOR	SET	NO	TRIPPED	-1056964608
    68	2016-01-21 21:17:38	RX	2	0	SET	NO	HUM	30.6
    69	2016-01-21 21:17:39	RX	1	3	SET	NO	TEMP	-8.8
    70	2016-01-21 21:17:40	RX	3	3 - DOOR	SET	NO	TRIPPED	-1056964607

    @Anduril I get these readings all the time. I just tried power cycling both the gw and the sensor, but every single TRIPPED-message is flawed.
    Did you try flashing the new 1.5.2 version to your GW?

  • I did not try with 1.5.2/3 yet.
    Will have the time to do further tests maybe this weekend, but not shure how many time my wife and child will consume...

  • As stated in other threads, upgrading the gateway to latest dev version (2.x) solved the problem!

    Great, got the old mouse trap up and running again. 😁

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