Buttons that send different signals to the same sensor

  • Hi,

    First of all love mycontroller. I love particularly that the front end is angularJS (I am a developer using AngularJS on my day to day)

    My situation is as follows:

    I have an arduino that is hooked up to a 433mhz transceiver. That arduino (through the serial monitor at the moment) takes a bit value and either turns a plug on or off based on the bit value.

    My question is:

    In the mycontrollers enviroment, how would you add functionality to be able to send these various bit values to the same sensor?

    Ideally I would like sections relating to each remote and buttons for on and off?

    Is this possible? Or something that I would need to implement myself?



    Ok so my posting to the forum may have been a little bit premature.

    For anyone that may be new to this and wanted to know the solution...

    In my sketch I registered 4 sensors - one for each remote plug i had.

    In my incomingMessage function (which was passed the node id and binary value) I filter through which node I need to be emitting a signal to, and what signal to emit.

    Simple as that. If anyone would like the sketch let me know!

  • @mwild95
    Could you share your sketch?
    I'm planning to mysensor-ize my 433 wall plugs and it might be a good starting point 🙂

  • Plugin Developer

    @mwild95 for now with 0.0.3-alpha1 release you can configure with group payload ON/OFF. but there is a request for this feature. I will implement when I get time.


    Thank you!