Sensebender Frequency

  • Hello all,

    I've got a simple question about programming Sensenbender micro module from Arduino IDE. It's clear that I have to set Board to "Sensebender Micro". But what do I have to set "Processor" to?

    I thought "1 MHz" would be right since I read in the specs that it runs at 1 MHz. But then I found some code in the sample sketchs which seems to switch the frequency:

    clock_prescale_set(clock_div_8); // Switch to 1Mhz for the reminder of the sketch, save power.

    What's the right setting in Arduino IDE? And is MEASURE_INTERVAL meant for 8 MHz or 1 MHz? Will this all work? How can timers count right when the CPU clock is reduced during running program?

    Can you help?

    Thank you!


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