Which one should i choose? PIR or microwave sensor

  • I am on my way to build a presence sensor for my college project can anyone suggest me which should i use A PIR or Microwave Doppler ?

  • Each has advantages and disadvantages over the other - they are cheap and if I were you I would use one of each and do the 'magic' in the code. A small area like a hallway is OK for pir (assuming nobody is trying to defeat it) while radar cover a good area. hope this helps a bit, you don't give any detail on what you are trying to achieve.

  • If you are building a presence sensor, take a look at the LD2410.
    Also check the review from Andreas Spiess:

  • the problem with the PIR sensors is their duration. You have to move so that they are always reset and restarted or set a fixed time.
    The LD2401 are adjustable for range and sensitivity. They respond better to human presence.
    I have had good experience with the LD2401-C module.
    Firstly, it has 2.54mm mullion connectors and secondly, you can set it up via app using Bluetooth.
    The mmVawe-modules are a bit more power consuming than the Pir-module.
    Besides plus/minus 5V you only need one pin which gives a high signal when detected.
    My light I no longer need switches on the wall 😉
    (I have left it in the standard setup and have not yet made any experience with Bluetooth setup).

    by the way, the C versions with Bluetooth are immediately recognized in Homeassistant and listed as a device.
    ... if you have a BL Gateway.

  • @electrik thanks man Helped a lot better than my college professor :)/

  • Thanks for the answer. This information was very helpful for me too!

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    It depends on the specific requirements of the project. PIR sensors are better suited for detecting motion in confined spaces like rooms or hallways, while Microwave Doppler sensors are better suited for larger areas like outdoor spaces or parking lots. The choice ultimately depends on the specific requirements and constraints of the project.

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    Supposedly PIR doesn't work through glass (e.g. if looking for motion through a window), whereas I presume a microwave sensor might still work.

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