RF24_PA_LEVEL and options

  • I have been looking in MyConfig.h for the different levels to set for RF24_PA_LEVEL and RF24_PA_LEVEL_GW, but could not find it in the documentation. Only RF24_PA_MAX and RF24_PA_LOW was shown as options.

    In the forum I found that all these options can be used - RF24_PA_MIN, RF24_PA_LOW, RF24_PA_HIGH or RF24_PA_MAX.

    I suggest that these options are added as remarks in MyConfig.h.

  • Mod

    Making the valid values available in MyConfig.h would be nice from a user standpoint. They would need to be kept in sync with the definition in RF24.h though, so the comments in MyConfig.h reflect what is actually implemented.

  • I was just yesterday testing a system I'm going to install on the summer cottage, and noticed that I get hardly 2 meters range. Then I noticed the sketch has 'RF24_PA_LOW' by default.

    Is it OK/safe etc. to use the highest PA level for the PCB antenna versions of nRF24 ?

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