Requesting time from MQTT/Openhab - How?

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    Im currently scratching my head trying to work out the best way to provide a sensor the current time, via MQTTClientGateway and Openhab.

    I don't have access to my hardware here ( im at work ) so cant test a lot of this, but I thought id put it out here now in case anyone has some ideas/thoughts..or solution 😉

    Q: What message is sent to MQTT when a sensor node requests the time?

    Q: What does the Openhab "item" look like to watch for the request. This would then run a rule to return the epoch time back to the sensor node.

    Q: What MQTT message needs to be returned to the node?

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    To answer myself, the mqtt message sent is onto topic

    (where x is the node id )

    and the reply is likewise sent back to

    mygateway1-in/4/255/3/0/1 - with a payload being the epoch time

    So now to work out the plumbing within Openhab. I already have a Number item with the epoch time (albeit in UTC) just need to work on the rules.

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