Run a script when virtual button is pushed

  • Hi there,

    I would like to know if it's possible to present an switch to my gateway / Domoticz and when this switch is pressed in Domoticz it activates a script on the Arduino node which sends a IR signal once.
    Maybe it is even possible to distinguish several virtual buttons so several different scripts can run?

    Because I would like to control my airco unit without the remote from downstairs. So I can turn it on and off or change the temp.

    Is there anybody with such a script as a example?


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    @Sander-Stolk You might want to use my RC record and playback project.

    It works also under Domoticz, you might need to add additional switches for start recording.
    which sends a MySensor message of type V_IR_RECORD with the preset number as payload.

    I've just tried a pre programmed version of my RC module with Domoticz and when a preset value is decoded and received by Domitics it creates a Light switch for that code. And when pressing the light tile on Domiticz the RC modules receives back the V_IR_SEND message.

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    There is an example sketch for controlling hvac units.

    They are a bit different, in that respect they don't use simple commands like on or off, like TVs do. They transfer a complete setup of temperature, fan speed etc with every button press. So they need a bit more than just record/playback of IR transmission.

  • @tbowmo said:
    "They transfer a complete setup of temperature, fan speed etc with every button press."

    This I noticed because when I remove the battery the next press of a button is indeed temp, flow, speed en dry etc.
    I've got the RAW data and I'm sending the RAW data and this works. So I've got a script but I only need a trigger to execute it.
    The trigger is the only problem I have.

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  • @BartE

    How do you record an IR in Domoticz? Can you explain in detail please? I tried several things bit can't get it working.

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