Modify Arduino pro Mini

  • I am looking into this link to modify my mini so that I can save the poer consumption.

    I bought A mini from Aliexpress which looks like this

    This looks different from what is shown on mysensors page. Now per mysensor I need to

    1. Disconnect the Arduino's power indicator LED by cutting the track between the LED and the resistor in series. Saves about 1.5 mA
    2. Disconnect the 3.3 VDC regulator because it is not needed. Cut the Vout pin with a sharp fine wire cutter. See images to the right on how to locate regulator. Saves about 220 uA

    since my Mini looks different , I am having problems trying to cut the required components. Can anyone help how to modify the Mini I bought from aliexpress.


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    I use the tip of a knife to pry loose the power led. The power led is easily located by powering on the Arduino.

    For the voltage regulator, I use a small side cutter / wire cutter to cut the two legs on one side. I then bend the voltage regulator up and down a few times to break the other three legs. It is a crude method but has worked well on the 20+ devices I have used it in on. The voltage regulator is the only component with two legs on one side and three legs on the opposite side.

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    Agree with @mfalkvidd and most of the times im even more ungentle (is that even a english word?).
    I just out my soldering iron, heat the led/regulator up and push them away with force.

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