MysensorListener - a webpage that shows messages between Vera3 and Mysensors gateway

  • This project, an ASP.NET webpage using SignalR and APS.NET Core 1.0, shows human readable information that your gateway offers.
    I created this as I needed to debug some information going over the gateway, and do not have a test environment to isolate the datastream.

    Normally when connecting to telnet, your gateway will spit out messages like this:
    telnet image
    The protocol is quite simple to read, but as I have no idea what node-id 19 is or subtype 2 if the messagetype is 1, this calls for the need of some webpage that does this.

    The webpage shows the latest message at the top, and keeps inserting messages via SignalR as they present themselfs on the gateway

    Currently this will only work against a Vera environment, as the information needed to identify nodeID's and ChildNodeID's needs to be requested from a gateway and I happen to only have the Vera3 ^^

    For anybody that wants to play with this, the code is available on my github (for the visual studio users here, this should be quite simple to get running)
    If enough requests, I can publish it to a standalone package.